Sunday, December 15, 2013

Argus Monitor 2.5.06 Build 1508 by MIG-7 Torrent

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Version: 2.5.06 Build 1508
Category: System|System Info
Developer: Argotronic UG
Size: 14 mb

Argus Monitor is a useful software which is designed to monitor the temperature of your hard drive and display a graphical representation of theCPU temperature. Argus Monitor runs in the background task and constantly monitors the health of your hard disks.In case, one of the critical SMART values ​​changes, the Argus Monitor will notify you immediately. If one of the attributes reaches a vendor specified threshold, you will also get a warning that the hard drive is likely to fail within the next 24 working hours and, rel . Argus Monitor saves S.M.A.R.T. status of each device (even those confirmed only occasionally - for example, by using the S-ATA) and will therefore be able to warn reduced drive health even if the hard drive was attached to each PC reach s value decreased.

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