Friday, December 20, 2013

Desktop Authority MSI Studio x86 x64 D.S.T1

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Desktop Authority MSI Studio software packaging and application deployment solution optimized system administrators.It comprehensive services to capture juice, trehozni and modify Windows Installer (MSI) file, ideal for older software installation to manage or control the behavior of Windows Installer Ki packages.In Vula Pro Edition allows you to test and validate packets , N production systems.Desktop Authority MSI Studio helps juice trehozni and edit MSI files.RepackageCreate individual MSIS and Mstsa (server forms a response file), both traditional and current sets with MSIS Edit Modify a picture of the main features available, or directly access the MSI tables Manage Improve MSIS advanced business, the total SA, validation and extraction of ; types to help Build Create CAB files compressed MSI project MSIS, culverts and witnesses MSIS Notes for Legacy Application Support Monitor changes to legacy applications officer practices and create a well structured MSI wrap each machine, Desktop Authority MSI Studio is connected to the target computer to monitor the files and modify legacy applications installed in officer ; practices and capture them in the MSI. This goal can be physical or virtual machine. Create transforms the response? Configuration of existing MSI file by creating transform files (Mstsa) by strengthening the existing installation of this UI is automatically set and had to provide answers to Transform Advanced Management create a stand-alone environment transformation, merge Transformations MSI files, or to create a difference in the two variables MSI files. View and edit transforms into color-coded editor. Delivering MSI package-View is the difference between 2 MSI files by viewing changes in the table view with color-coded lines or moving difference that ; founding text file MSP Windows Installer Patch Create a Windows Installer patch package MSIS to two stations can be upgraded without re-installing the application integration Desktop Authority, Desktop applications directly convert Authority software repository or create MSIS immediate distribution software DA NET Framework 2.0 to 30 day trial

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