Friday, November 29, 2013

ViRobot Internet Security 2011 (32bit-64bit) Torrent

DownloadTorrent Size: 212 mb
Files: 3


Category: Antivirus
Developer: HAURI
Size: 212 mb

Since the malicious codes have increased from 2005, the model was used to fit the size of the largest anti-virus program, and it is difficult to observe the speed and number of co Malicious say. ViRobot Internet Security (Virsa) HAURI respond effectively to security conditions has been developed and has to improve his technique, but engine Defender reduce resource usage bit like S3 is a dual motor Herr. In addition, improved engine and the heuristic search technique HAURI Stealth kernel driver through the control of the original file and the hidden process and Rootkit can detect and repair. Infection VRIS, the file on your PC to protect children from illegal and protect your important files, which control the operation of the delete function only to prevent an effective Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware, and there are also Smart firewall. The main function of VRIS, intelligent firewall blocks phishing site using DNS sync hole prevents Zombie PC detects attacks and other malicious code in web download unknown dose of smart features. You have to protect your privacy online and will be able to detect all malware threats with the application.

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