Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vista BootScreen 1.6 (32bit-64bit)

DownloadTorrent Size: 13 mb
Files: 2


Version: 1.6
Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: IntelegSoft
Size: 13 mb

Quickly and easily customize the startup screen logo Windows Vista! With Vista bootscreen can change your Vista boot screen logos with full color images! No more boring ProgressBar and poor image quality. Now you can use 32-bit images in JPG, BMP or PNG. You do not need to replace files manually. With technology you??'re About to create when?? Oh, and then install it on boot skins library?? Nico and use it! Create your own time?? Your Windows Vista boot screen, and share them with friends or post to the web. Try it and see how your?? Windows XP look like. In addition, this application is perfectly safe for your?? system.

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