Saturday, February 1, 2014

R-Drive Image 5.2 Build 5201 by GVZSV Torrent

DownloadTorrent Size: 54 mb
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Version: 5.2 Build 5201
Category: System|Back-Up and Recovery
Developer: R-tools technology Inc.
Size: 54 mb

R - Drive Image is a tool designed to create the image of a hard disk and Share I, for purposes of the Outstanding. Disk image file contains exact, byte by byte copy of a hard drive, divided fantasy or logical disk and can be created with various compression levels on the fly days without stopping Windows OS and therefore without interrupting Your business. Drive image files can then be stored in various places, including All removable media such as: CD-R (W) / DVD, Iomega Zip or Jazz disks, etc. R back Images Driving original plan, on the other partitions or even on a hard drive space free on the fly. to restore system partition borders image R drive, the other is converted to pictures A lot of images directly from Windows or bootable created by the utility is launched from a CD or diskette. use Use R drive, image, you can completely and rapidly restore your system after loss Data from severe operating system crash, virus attack or hardware failure. You also can use R - Drive Image for mass system performance when you need steam computer setup that much. in other words, you can manually setup one system only, create graphics system, and then perform all the other computer.

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