Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EF Multi File Renamer 3.60 Torrent

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Version: 3.60
Category: System|File Management
Developer: EFSoftware
Size: 13 mb

EF Multi File Renamer is an easy to use tool that was created to help you change the name of a file or a document that is located in a specific folder. EF Multi File Renamers clear approach of renaming rules stands out compared to similar programs. You can rename the task done right with little effort. Select the rule (s) that you need for the current task a variety of pre-defined rules, each of which has its own settings. Complex tasks can combine several rules are needed that can even be played. Integrated real-time preview immediately shows the changes made to the parameters. Defined by the rules set can be saved and reused. And because you can disable individual rules, EF Multi File Renamer offers a wide range of flexibility and functionality. The position of each set of rules can be easily changed. There renaming rules: uppercase, lowercase, caps, etc. Add, delete the file extension. List of India. Search and replace / remove the rope. Place the string. Remove string plant. Handling audio file tag formats like MP3, Ogg / Vorbis, FLAC and WMA. Title information stored in the file of e-mails. Evaluation of digital photo EXIF ​​data. Using the above description of the various types of documents WDX plugins. Rename multiple files using a list of names to a CSV file. Rename multiple files using a list of names to a text file. You can also downloadEF portable multi file renamer.

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