Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vox Maris GMDSS Simulator 1.0 64-Bit [gtachn] Torrent

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Version: 1.0
Category: Others|Home & Education
Developer: Advenio Softwate
Size: 13 mb

Vox Maris is a technical trainning tool useful and reliable. It is a PC based simulator? INTENDED to train more-successful people in use? Swallowed GMDSS communications equipment, in a safe and controlled environment. Vox Maris simulates VHF (DSC), MF / HF (DSC) and NAVTEX fully functional characteristics to the operational procedures of the GMDSS. Other external issues such as the actual conditions of maritime communications are simulated too?. Vox Maris offers features two different roles: in? Truktor course and? Students. In? Truktor suggests exercises to assess the knowledge and actions? Students. Exercise can? E have a specific goal? Would e? Students should achieve. Vox Maris help in? Truktor know when that happens outside the scope of practice, to rectify the simulation. In the simulation exercise? Students establish communication using several GMDSS installations. They have to do the same procedure on the simulator as real property. The simulation program covers in? All aspects of the GMDSS radio communications and simulates real sea. Configuration-script setup conditions-year communication design and configuration parameters simulation at day and hour coast? Ia Station Configuration-Select-distribution scenarios Program ships NAVTEX messages

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