Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 Torrent

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Version: 3.5
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: Corel
Size: 14 mb

Ulead COOL 3D allows designers to create high-impact, animated 3D titles and graphics to output as?? Images, GIF animation, video or 3D Macromedia Flash movies. United? DIGIT-friendly interface with professional production capabilities, Ulead COOL 3D is unique in its bonus EnVector module allows category.The based on vector 3D text or objects used in Flash projects. No other 3D programs in its Klas can beat ULEAD COOL 3D for its artistic?? Ke mo??, And a set of special effects. U?? Ivajte the benefits of 3D graphics without found in other 3D software packages complications. Discover the way gCoolest Hot 3D Graphics. customizable 3D art in InstantWith COOL 3D 3.5, va?? your text and shapes are easily customizable into eye-catching 3D. It only takes a few clicks to access many convenient features. Text Group / DRU?? I and import capacity 8.0 Adobe Illustrator files Import asymmetrical DirectX Create objects or trace vector objects with a switch on the path to the Editor Mode?? Cyclic Access versatile output power?? Community and inactive data EffectsUlead Special 3DS Cool animation time frame is easy to use, yet powerful. Make your animation stand out with special effects you can drag and drop objects EasyPaletteAnimate to move in any direction measured 26 stunning special effects. Add?? S more with the addition of madness II & III download free backgrounds, textures and presets twice a month, you will have a strong Accuracy of creative very Vector-infinite 3D objects FlashMaking Many ot r Macromedia Flash just got la??'s! Output-based vector with the new Flash EnVector module, a bonus tool for Flash fans. Edit in a familiar COOL 3D WYSIWYG editing environment View the vector for the production of a special interface for precise editing Import Adobe Illustrator files, 8.0, or use the Path Editor for greater creativity Import elements to Macromedia Flash and?? Can still edit their websites videos and presentations OutIts easy to stay ot r to va?? your web pages, video projects and PowerPoint presentation predicts a professional edge with a large 3D.Create cool, optimized 3D buttons and images for Web sites Generate 32-bit overlay output for Add the power of video works for 3D presentations va??'s Intel Pentium compatible (Pentium 166 MMX or above recommended), 32 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended) 200 MB of available?? tolerable hard disk space (300MB recommended), DirectX 6.0 or higher??'s driver Hi Color or True Color graphics card and monitor-united?? reliably installation CD-ROM Drive Windows screen shows trial.-Nag -15 days.

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