Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WebMonit 1.5 Portable Torrent

DownloadTorrent Size: 14 mb
Files: 2


Version: 1.5
Category: Internet|Bookmark Managers
Developer: JimiSoft
Size: 14 mb

Read the latest news? Stock prices up or down? Your website has a problem? ... You do not need to check manually. WebMonit can do everything for you monitor web pages changes automatically. Monitor content can be any Web page or any part of the web page or just a field. user-defined event can be triggered when the change took place. More information is available online, but keep track of all your favorites / bookmarks difficult and takes time. WebMonit spare time - without it, you need to start your Web browser, visit the website and see if the web page is different from the last visit. With it, many Web sites can be tested simultaneously. WebMonit informs you - One or text changes put on your webpage, you will know about it. WebMonit gives you peace of mind - If you need to see a lot of information, it can be overwhelming to do it manually. Allow the computer to check the website regularly and send you an email when it detects a change. If you monitor the sites manually, you can skip the change, but WebMonit won.

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