Monday, January 13, 2014

Fidelizer 3.0 Torrent

DownloadTorrent Size: 210 mb
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Version: 3.0
Category: System|OS Enhancements
Developer: Windows X
Size: 210 mb

Fidelizer is a small application that will turn your computer into an audiophile workstation to get the best sound from your PC. There is a permanent change in the way the system will remain safe and sound after restart so even system with normal Windows installation can experience better sound quality when necessary. Backgrounds behind optimizations is very advanced for someone to have the courage to make the software free so grab it while it lasts. Fidelizer has three levels of optimization. They and all for the same purpose sonic improvements. Sick leave all your judge if Mail subtle difference or greater. In any case, you should let your ears for at least a week if it can not harm your computer. Some people need time to adapt to the changes. The first is professional. This optimizes the system to extend that gained significantly affect the overall performance of the system. You can work as usual, while enjoying improved multimedia experiences. They were later Audiophile. This is close enough for those who can follow the highest loyalty. This will reduce the performance of the system / network so audio can earn more for priority access to resources at that time. It will also lower most processes involved low-level system so you need to shut audiophile player before making ot rdorur it. These are extremists. As the name implies, this feature is not without risk to try. This will stop the system services bundled leaving only the most important ones for audio. Yes, it will stop network services and such too. You may not know but Windows Audio and DHCP share the same process in the host service provider so disabling network can improve the feel , m sonic performance. I also add some options to keep network users and experiences (HID, Tablet, Web) working for some applications. For general use, you should stick with the professional level, but computers in today's market should be able to use audiophile smoothly , the performance of the system / network.

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