Sunday, January 26, 2014

PDF Creator Plus 64bit Torrent

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Category: Office tools|PDF
Developer: PEERNET Inc
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PDF Creator Plus makes PDF creation as easy as printing. PDF Creator Plus combines a virtual printer preview application that displays your printed document before the PDF is created. The preview application you can create a PDF document or leave the preview open and continue printing to build a PDF document. PDF documents to Microsoft Word titles binds andthe EPA sketches Save PDF to Word add-in included with the product. The preview window is a common editing features.With PDF Creator Plus can be converted, add, copy or delete pages before creating your PDF. Additional tools can be used to comment andthe graphics highlight important areas in your document. You can save your project file in PDF pages printed on the surface at any time. PDF Creator Plus is not limited to creating only PDF documents. In addition to PDF, you can also create TIFF, JPEG, Windows BMP images and can be placed in the Enhanced Metafile (EMF) files.